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Home Politics White Supremacists Punked to Gettysburg - Punking has a dark side.

White Supremacists Punked to Gettysburg – Punking has a dark side.

2020 may be the year of “punking” with Trump being targeted by “K-Pop Stans” around ticketing for his Tulsa rally, and then yesterday, according to the Washington Post and other publications, a large group of militiamen (militapersons?), bikers, skinheads and far-right groups showed up to stop a flag burning event organized by antifa.

There was no such event and so these folks grabbed their weaponry and headed to Gettysburg itching for a fight. So, when a person wearing a BLM shirt happened to walk though the park, he was challenged by an irate group of folks looking for an argument, or worse.


The fictitious Left Behind USA Facebook account owner identified himself as 39-year-old Alan Jeffs to the Washington Post.

This event and flash-mob based punking events may become more common, but the high tension video things could have escalated to violence because this particular punking event put a bunch of volatile people in a location where a confrontation with any random person could have escalated and resulted in death or injury.

Of course as expected there was nary a mask in site, nor social distancing, so there may be a spread of Covid-19 as a result.

Election day for example could turn into a scenario of militapersons “guardinng” voting locations and interfering with the voting process, stoked into showing up by fictitious posts about voter fraud. Those posts would be easy to create by a foreign government or domestic groups looking to destabilize the USA.

While these accounts may look like they were created by US residents, it is trivially easy to use one of dozens of methods to obfuscate the location of a social media account creator or poster.

Kevin Leehttps://givingforward.org
Kevin Lee is Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Didit a leading digital-first marketing firm started in 1996, and CEO of the eMarketing Association. He is also the founder and President of GivingForward.org a cause marketing nonprofit. Kevin transformed Didit from an SEO/SEM boutique agency into a full-service digital-first marketing firm through 11 acquisitions. Kevin invents marketing technology solutions across search, social and programmatic, He also launched stand-alone platforms including We-Care ($8+ million for nonprofits via cause-marketing) & PowerProfiles; written 4 books, engaged in 500+speaking engagements, and published 700+ articles. Kevin received his MBA from Yale and lives in Scarsdale with his family.


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