Submitting Contributions

We are happy to consider publishing your content (agencies, writers, journalists, videographers, actors, influencers): If you have writing or video skills, talk to us about what you might be able to contribute. Generally, our category falls into one or more of these buckets. We’ll also tell you why we like each bucket.

  1. Re-reporting with light commentary: For the last several years, the majority of news stories in print or in video are re-reporting of a scoop by a different publication, broadcaster, newswire or government/corporate source. If you and your team have the ability to create great content that re-reports breaking news, we’d love to have a conversation. As a re-reporter (with light commentary), you get to pick the nonprofit that gets the 25% “authors choice” of the ad-revenue. After we launch the registration app, the reader picks their 25%.
  2. Op-Ed Submissions: These submissions may or may not reference existing news coverage and are similar to op-ed submissions at major newspapers.
  3. Interviews: We have a strong preference for someone notable or if less notable, able to provide a great quality interview) Some of us know someone famous, knowledgeable or notable. In your case, perhaps you know an “influencer” on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or Mixer. Better yet you know someone in:
    1. Hollywood
    2. Music
    3. Sports
    4. The Press: a broadcast journalist or traditional journalist
    5. Politicians: local or national
    6. Business (business celebrities or influencers, including nonprofit executives)
  4. Live coverage: (once things get back to “normal”) We plan to cover events, particularly charity fundraisers and other events where there is a red-carpet. Pictures and interviews at these events will form the basis for coverage. The Giving Forward (our parent nonprofit company) studios are across from Madison Square Garden, so once we have the publicists interested, we can have stars in music and sports pop across the street for a quick video interview.
  5. Win-Win Interviews: Can you orchestrate an interview (on Zoom for example) between two celebrities? For example, can you get the President and CEO of the ASPCA to interview Leonardo DiCaprio? Could you get Ariana Grande to interview Serena Williams? Arnold Schwarzenegger to interview J Lo? The topic is less important in cases where the celebrity is a big name. We are OK as long as it is a fun interview, authentic and only moderately self-promotional (think about the Colbert show). The celebs would agree upon a nonprofit cause and the Herald Times editors will tag the content with that cause name so that the more that interview is consumed the more revenue that cause gets.

To be considered as a contributor email