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NY Governor: We’ll Make Hand Sanitizer If EBay and Amazon Can’t Stop Price Gouging

At a press conference today, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State has begun manufacturing hand sanitizer to combat endemic price gouging of certain medical supplies that has afflicted New Yorkers in the wake of coronavirus’ emergence in New York State.
The State’s manufacturing capacity, said Mr. Cuomo, is now 100,000 gallons per week. The sanitizer (branded “NY Clean”) will be made available to state organizations, including the MTA, the prison system, schools, and other State entities, at cost. “NY Clean” will not be sold to the general public unless it appears that online distributors are unable to control the kind of rampant price gouging that has caused face masks, hand sanitizer, and other such products to become unaffordable to the people who need them. 

The Governor, who on Saturday declared a statewide emergency, also provided updates on new coronavirus cases in New York. Westchester County is currently the “hot spot,” with 98 cases. Nassau County has 17, Rockland County 4, Saratoga County 2, and Suffolk and Ulster County 1 each. The number of total positive cases in New York State is now at 142.

The Governor also called on the federal government to expedite their approval of private labs and automated and manual testing to expand New York State’s coronavirus testing capacity, and encouraged New Yorkers to work from home, telecommute and avoid densely populated gathering spaces whenever possible.  


For the latest news from the Governor’s office, go to:

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George Costly is a freelance writer based in the New York Tri-State region. His hobbies are birdwatching and industrial photography.


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