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NY Gov: U.S. coronavirus testing lags behind South Korea, China

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, appearing on the “Morning Joe” television program on March 11, starkly criticized the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“What the other countries did is they did the massive testing,” said Mr. Cuomo.” You know, China was doing 200,000 tests a day. South Korea was doing 15,000 tests a day. We’ve done 5,000 to date. So what I would say, what I have been saying to other governors, is you’re on your own, you know. Let the states take action because when they do the retrospective here, Joe, I think this is going to be the public health version of Hurricane Katrina. The federal government has just fallen down on the job, so let the states do it.”


Mr. Cuomo added some detail to yesterday’s announcement of a 1-mile containment zone in the town of New Rochelle. “Well, in this area in New Rochelle, the hot spot, first, no large gatherings. Second, we’re bringing testing into the community. You know, this testing has been such a fiasco. Even people going to a hospital is a problem. They get into care, they expose the cab, they get into a hospital, they expose workers. So we’re bringing testing, mobile testing units to New Rochelle and you literally can drive in to a mobile testing unit. It’s all contained. It’s all isolated, and you get the test right there.”

Mr. Cuomo also announced that he would be seeking greater cooperation from New York’s business leaders in terms of ensuring that workers do not need to expose themselves to the coronavirus unnecessarily.

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