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Home Business Finance How many times can a dead cat bounce?

How many times can a dead cat bounce?

Or perhaps the question should be: “how many times a yo-yo can go up and down when no one knows who is pulling on the string?” or if there is even anyone holding the string. 

Markets are jumping all over the place due to Coronavirus-driven volatility combined with the uncertainty of the upcoming elections.

The US Fed is almost out of ammunition and can’t lower rates much more, nor should a rational investor even care. Lower rates don’t fix the issues driving the macroeconomics of a pandemic.


“The fed is almost out of ammunition.”.

Kevin Leehttps://givingforward.org
Kevin Lee is Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Didit a leading digital-first marketing firm started in 1996, and CEO of the eMarketing Association. He is also the founder and President of GivingForward.org a cause marketing nonprofit. Kevin transformed Didit from an SEO/SEM boutique agency into a full-service digital-first marketing firm through 11 acquisitions. Kevin invents marketing technology solutions across search, social and programmatic, He also launched stand-alone platforms including We-Care ($8+ million for nonprofits via cause-marketing) & PowerProfiles; written 4 books, engaged in 500+speaking engagements, and published 700+ articles. Kevin received his MBA from Yale and lives in Scarsdale with his family.


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