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Ernie F’s Up – Don’t Be Like Ernie!

When you keep yourself safe in the age of Covid-19, you are also keeping all your friends and loved ones safe as well.

sneezing ernie

Ernie isn’t so good at remembering what to do, so he’s been known to F-up more than your average guy. But we can all learn from Ernie’s F-ups.


Wear a Mask

Masks save lives because they protect others if you happen to be infected and don’t know it and they also significantly reduce your chances of getting infected. And you staying healthy is what protects your family. The new fashionable masks are all the rage, but regardless of which mask you use, remember to tie both sides to properly protect yourself. That’s where Ernie F’d up.

Social Distance

Ernie is a friendly guy but these days you are a better friend if you keep a bit of distance. The virus doesn’t discriminate and the last thing you need is to catch Covid-19 from your buddy, from the cashier at the grocery store, or if you happen to be infected, to give it to someone else.

Wash Your Hands

Ernie doesn’t even wash his hands after #2 in the bathroom, so of course he forgets to wash his hands when he touches things that might have a Covid-19 virus on it.

Don’t Cough or Sneeze on Folks

People tell Ernie all the time say it, don’t spray it because he tends to talk loud, get excited and, well he sprays it. And that’s not even when he’s coughing or sneezing. You’ll hear Ernie blocks away when he coughs or sneezes and the last thing you want to be is nearby because if he’s got a cold, flu or Covid-19, you’ll get it too.


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