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Formula 1 Comes Racing Back

The 2020 Formula 1 season should prove to be quite interesting, even though only 8 races are confirmed at the moment. It is certainly safe to say that the season is roaring back with a force, as the first three races are occurring on three consecutive weekends – a triple header – and the same goes for the next three races. This triple header style of scheduling races has only happened once, in 2018, but has never been attempted twice in one season. This is largely because of the major stress and financial burdens it ensures for the teams and drivers to move locations in such a short period of time. However, for the fans it will certainly be quite the treat.

This full throttle return is not the only reason to be excited about the 2020 F1 season. This season could lead to some pretty significant records being smashed if Mercedes is able to keep up their dominant ways. Lewis Hamilton is seeking to secure his 7th world championship which would place him and Michael Schumacher – Schumacher retired from the sport following the 2012 season – knotted at the top of the all-time world championship rankings. Hamilton also has the ability to match, or pass, Schumacher’s 91 grand prix wins – Hamilton currently has 84 – with the 8 races currently locked in. Although, it is not just Hamilton who seeks to etch his name in Formula 1 history, but also his team, Mercedes. If Mercedes is able to take their 7th straight constructor championship, it would mark the longest consecutive streak in the history of the sport. They are currently tied with Ferrari, who were able to win 6 consecutive constructor championships between 1999 and 2004. With a strong Red Bull team looking to challenge Mercedes at the top of the standings, it will prove to be interesting to see if they can continue their domination of F1 in 2020.


Finally, with a major rule change, along with some significant roster changes slated for 2021, the 2020 season will be one where teams seek to prove themselves once more before a new era of Formula 1 is upon us. Not only will there be team spending limits imposed in 2021, but nearly every team in the pit lane will be facing the potential of new drivers behind the wheel. 

It is certainly safe to say that the 2020 season will prove to be quite interesting despite the changes caused by the pandemic. As with all sports around the world, there will be a lack of fans attending the events, but expect an abundance of virtual eyes to be on the sport, nonetheless. Let’s all buckle up and get excited for yet another season of Formula 1 magic unfolding on the track and in the paddock starting on July 5th. 

John Smith
I am a senior at Union College. My passions reside in a number of topics including, but not limited to, sports, politics, environmentalism, tech, and business. Although, some that I am MOST passionate about are Formula 1, NBA, surfing, snowboarding, protecting valuable coastlines and mountains, sustainable businesses, and social issue around the world.


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