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Home Business Coronavirus Concerns Driving Ammunition Sales Surge in U.S.

Coronavirus Concerns Driving Ammunition Sales Surge in U.S.

While the U.S. federal government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic has lagged in comparison with the responses of other advanced industrialized nations, gun-owning American consumers aren’t waiting for effective government action to contain the virus. Instead, they are stocking up on ammunition to prepare for the worst.

According to Ammo.com, a leading domestic ammunition distributor, “When compared to the 11 days before February 23 (February 12 to 22), in the 11 days after (February 23 to March 4), Ammo.com’s number of transactions increased 68% and the company has seen a conversation rate increase of 45%.” (Editor’s note: there is a high probability that the Ammo.com copywriter intended to write “conversion,” not “conversation.”)


This recent surge in virus-driven sales is unprecedented, according to Alex Horsman, Ammo.com’s marketing manager. “We know certain things impact ammo sales, mostly political events or economic instability when people feel their rights may end up infringed, but this is our first experience with a virus leading to such a boost in sales.”

Demand currently varies greatly according to caliber, according to the company, with 40 caliber ammunition experiencing the greatest increase.

Demand for ammunition also varied widely by U.S. geography, with North Carolina posting the strongest coronavirus-driven demand (179 percent), followed by Georgia (169%), Pennsylvania (140%), Texas (128%), Florida (76%), Illinois (67%), New York (48&), and Ohio (40%).

While some might question whether acquiring new stores of ammunition is the best way for American consumers to use their resources to ward off the ill effects of coronavirus, Ammo.com’s Horsman believes that the new trend “makes sense.” “A lot of our customers like to be prepared,” observed Horsman. “And for many of them, it’s not just facemasks and TheraFlu. It’s knowing that no matter what happens, they can keep themselves and their families safe.”


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