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Home News 2015 Gawker article re: Jeffrey Epstein - Ghislaine Maxwell black book relevant.

2015 Gawker article re: Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell black book relevant.

Most of you might not know that I was the stalking horse bidder for Gawker.com in the final auction for the domain and assets. I didn’t win, choosing not to bid at all in the second round of the auction against Bryan Goldberg (of BDG) and a bidder I believe was acting in concert with Hulk Hogan (ironically). Bryan won the auction in one bid (the bidder from Tampa only bid once). I mention it because Gawker has become relevant again, but the full story of how losing Gawker resulted in my founding Giving Forward is here.

With the arrest of and the renewed interest in the who’s who of Jeffrey Epstein as a result of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, the 2015 article where Gawker broke the news of the “black book” is suddenly relevant.


Gawker had an agressive style of journalism and while it got them in trouble and resulted in them making enemies, sometimes they wold break a story that other more traditional news sources missed. Gawker’s story title’d “Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book” is one such story.

Years later it remains one of the few publications willing to dig into the details of Epstein’s first encounter with the law. Some people miss Gawker, others are glad to see it’s the first iteration dead. However, most can agree that they helped shape some of the publications today who are mostly focused on getting the scoop, at any cost.

Kevin Leehttps://givingforward.org
Kevin Lee is Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Didit a leading digital-first marketing firm started in 1996, and CEO of the eMarketing Association. He is also the founder and President of GivingForward.org a cause marketing nonprofit. Kevin transformed Didit from an SEO/SEM boutique agency into a full-service digital-first marketing firm through 11 acquisitions. Kevin invents marketing technology solutions across search, social and programmatic, He also launched stand-alone platforms including We-Care ($8+ million for nonprofits via cause-marketing) & PowerProfiles; written 4 books, engaged in 500+speaking engagements, and published 700+ articles. Kevin received his MBA from Yale and lives in Scarsdale with his family.


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