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Africa’s Youth Skillset Conundrum

Youth empowerment has long been identified as a catalytic tool for tackling youth employment and other youth challenges. The agenda on youth employment had dominated national and international development agenda, with miniscule significant progress recorded. The gap between the number of youths seeking employment and available employment opportunities continue to grow wider. There exists a discrepancy between employers needs and the skillsets of youths entering the labor market. Many graduates are engaged in menial jobs that are not in any form aligned to their degrees due to unavailability of opportunities in their chosen field of studies. The...

The epic battle between US Dollar Versus Cryptocurrencies Who will blink first. “

It started with the health  crisis in 2020 , followed by the global financial crisis, that saw the central banks  resort to heavy burrowing to mitigate the health, social and economic crisis in their respective countries. According to the Financial Times, the global debt currently stands at unsustainable 320% of GDP and continues increase exponentially. The global financial decision makers are now looking for new tools in their monetary policy toolbox to manage their debt portfolio, and balance currency volatility including reigning in inflation. There is a growing consensus and credibility around utilizing digital assets including crypto...

Not Your Father’s Startup

Business startups come in an almost unlimited number of forms, and it turns out there are many more ways to eliminate friction from the economy than building apps.

Why Kenya’s giant fig tree won over a President.

Governments are not always known to listen to their people. In Kenya people have been pleading with government and politicians to help stop the spread of Covid-19, by abandoning their political rallies aimed at persuading Kenyans to endorse a constitutional amendment campaign for a referendum. The politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition have been holding massive rallies around the country fueling the rapidly spreading of COVID-19. The rate of infections has shot up as well as the number of people who are now dying from the virus. It came...

Some Great Digital Yoga Resources If Your studio is Still Closed

Everyone has their own routines for trying to stay sane and healthy during quarantine. Some people work on their sourdough skills, some get weights and lift at home, some Netflix and cocktail. For me, yoga has been a big help. I’ve loved practicing yoga for many years, but I had always been someone who went to classes at yoga studios. I thrived on the group dynamic, the sense of community and the energy. I had always wanted to develop a home practice but never got around to it. Well…with COVID I...

Did Facebook Commit an “Operational Mistake” in Kenosha or is Facebook a Defective Product?

Family members of demonstrators killed in Kenosha have filed a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging a failure to remove a Facebook group event organized by a local militia, some of whose members allegedly later committed violence. Prior to the filing of this lawsuit, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged Facebook's role in the deadly incident, citing an "operational mistake" that led to the group's promoted event (but not their page) remaining active before, during, and after the shooting incident, despite more than 400 flags being issued against the group itself. According to Zuckerberg, "the contractors, the...

The Flavorful Kitchen – Pantry to the Rescue – Pasta al Tonno

It’s dinner time, everyone is hungry and you just got home from work and haven’t really thought about dinner. You go the refrigerator, open the door and stare.  Nothing looks interesting, not the vegetables, not the meat, not the eggs.  You close the door.  Pause and sigh.  Then open it again, just hoping it will be different this time and you will get inspired.  Nothing.  You are afraid to look over at the hungry eyes staring at you, waiting for you to create a little dinner...

Trump solves low vote-by-mail fraud rate by suggesting voter fraud

Trump decides to muddy the waters. Simple... The data show that vote-by-mail and absentee ballot voter fraud numbers are close to zero. How to fix that problem of reality not meshing with the talking point? Assure voter fraud by instructing supporters to vote twice (illegally). Very few states have the infrastructure in-place to de-dupe dupliccate voting in a short timeframe. By suggesting that his supporters vote twice, Trump has accomplished his objective, casting doubt on mail in vote tallies. This assures that there is nearly ZERO chance that a winner can...

Altucher and Seinfeld Debate How Dead New York City Really Is

James Altucher -- a wild-haired darling among the post dot-com entrepreneurial cyberset -- got into a bruising spat with Jerry Seinfeld, best known for his long-running eponymous television series of the 1990s -- over whether New York City has any future.Basically Altucher said "I'm out of here," noting how Gotham has been rendered a ghost town by COVID-19 in a LinkedIn post (Altucher is a big wheel on LinkedIn). Seinfeld, for his part, answered "don't let the tollgate smack you in the hind side," in a New York Times op-ed (warning: paywall is active...

The Flavorful Kitchen – The Humble Biscuit

The Humble Biscuit Breakfast to Dessert – A Must Have Recipe Biscuits & Jam - The Flavorful Kitchen My love affair with biscuits really began during a business trip to Nashville, TN in May of 2019. I made biscuits before, but was never really wowed. Before my trip, my friend and I planned out some Nashville adventures to squeeze in during our off time. We had a mix of things to do, but our plans mostly consisted of places that were off the beaten...

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